The complete opposite to "not".


1, To stress the importance or surprise of doing something.

2, To add more emphasis to your opinion of something.

3, To convey a stronger sense which just "I am" or "he is", for example, can never attain.

4, To reveal your intention to choose the unexpected option in a given situation, or conversely to mean "it would be rude not to".

5, To come back against someone else's opinion.

It is simple, but very effective, and can be used in numerous situations.
1, Bob: Check out that bird over there. She is noot hot!

Bill: Wow, i'm noot going over to chat her up!

2, Bob: I heard Fernando and Cristiano aren't that great at football...

Bill: They're noot great Bob! What are you on about??

3, Bob: I am so bored Bill, I just don't know what to do with myself.

Bill: Hmm..let me think... I know! We're noot going out on the town tonight!
by Nootcool July 23, 2008
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P1 - "He lied about having sex"
P2 - "Oh he's done a noot"


P1 - "I served in the military over the weekend"
P2 - "Shut up don't be a noot"
by Kskdjkjksk November 05, 2020
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someone who can't handle handle social situations, a noot often tries find deeper meaning in the world via conspiracies
by noot1234567 July 08, 2020
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The thing you should suck that is in the left region of thy scrotum
by TheNootGod April 24, 2018
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The formal version of testicles, used only in the most sophisticated settings, such as black tie events and fancy dinner parties. It must be pronounced in a very high pitched voice, if it is not done in this way it will not be taken seriously.
Example: I accidentally dipped my noots into his wine glass when he wasn't looking.
by Nedge son March 10, 2016
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