Noot noot is a catchphrase used by the British-Swish stop motion character Pingu. He normally uses this to get people's attention or to communicate.
"Noot Noot!" Exclaimed Pingu to his friends.
by Badly Cropped Orange May 27, 2017
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Often used as a cat call, or pick up line. If you see a lady in the streets and you can´t resist and keep your mouth shut, just noot at her. You will get all the girls by nooting.
by rrrrkmemes October 10, 2016
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An expression used by the cartoon character Pingu in "Pingu's Communist Adventures" to express a feeling of mutual communism.
Pingu Comrade: The capitalist is dead.
Pingu: Noot Noot
by DEW ETT June 19, 2018
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Used between penguins to communicate. But normally in the English translation it reads ‘I will murder all superior creatures and make all other creatures inferior’ .
Penguin 1: Noont (hello)
Pingu: Ccount (listen buster,)

Penguin 1: ??
Pingu: Noot Noot (explained via definition)
Penguins 1: *runs away*
by Pingu Hunter August 23, 2018
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Noot Noot
Train: Noot Noot
by Lolz6jun May 13, 2016
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