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A Noner (said Non-er) is some one of no importance, or lack there of. It derived from "Non-Essential Personel". The term is slang used largly by united states military members to describe the vast number of people who work away from the direct mission at hand.
1) A noner can be a person that works in finance, behind a desk in the warmth of a office. Their biggest threat is a chance that the stappler may brake and a staple come screaming out into their eye.
2)"Anyone who does not work on the flight line is a noner"
by JDF April 29, 2004
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The opposite of a boner. When you see a sick nasty ugly girl and your penis goes back inside your torso.
Ugh, look at that fat dancer, she gives me a noner.
by Black Lighting March 11, 2010
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One who stares at someone in a slightly stalking way, One who stares hoping the person does not catch you looking at them, one who nones
There was a guy at the bar who was just staring at us all and would not get away..he was a noner
by jilly falk June 05, 2005
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when you get a boner for absolutely no reason.
Joe: dude, we r in a room full of guys and u have boner?? eww, stay away. (although i rlly do like it)

Mark: no man, its ok. its a noner.

Joe: OoOOoOOooO. in that case, lets go play G.O.W so u can pwn me
by Mark S. Perez January 07, 2007
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When a man or womans nipple becomes erect usually as result from something cold. Nipple+boner=Noner
i put the ice on my nipple and instantly got a large noner.
by Hdawg August 04, 2005
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