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The art of eating one's food loudly and enjoyably
Nathan: Hey Nem ,look at Haylee nomming on those fruitloops.
Haylee: *stuffing face with fruitloops* NOM NOM NOM
Nem: I want some *runs to Haylee* NOM NOM NOM
by Deery Me November 11, 2008
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The act of eating large amount of extremely delicious food , normally accompanied by the traditional "nom nom nom" eating sound .
Dude , let's qo to Wal*Mart and buy mad food so we can start nomming !
by Younq Dro December 19, 2008
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1. The act of nom, as in happily nomming a brownie, nomming a lover's ear, or nomming a pencil.

2. Exploration through oral fixation, i.e. seeing the world with one's mouth.

3. A sexual act; see: fellatio, eating out (lol, nom at the restaurant)
1. He was thoughtfully nomming his pencil when i looked up from the test, and I couldn't help but want to nom his ear.

2. B: Um... Is she nomming my arm?
G: Yeah, she does that cuz her lips are more sensitive than her fingertips.
B: Oh, okay.

3. Despite their reputation for being selfless lovers (get it? sarcasm!)men often think about nomming their partners. It's just with revulsion.
by Hannah Dale December 10, 2008
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Tryin to eat someone cuz its fun
Fred - "heyyy shirley can i nom you?"
Shriley - "OK ;D"
Fred - "nomnomnom"
Shirley - "dude what are you doing?"
Fred" - "nomming"
Shirley - "ima nom ur face off iab <Β¬,Β¬>"
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The act of eating something with delicious fury.
*Someone accidentally sending a cybering whisper to the entire Free Company (Guild)
Guardian Gardevior: *Slids my tongue in nomming your pussy, my tongue moving around fast inside*
Guardian Gardevior: oh wow.
Guardian Gardevior: mt.
by ThatGuy85 October 07, 2016
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The act of cuddling/ spooning with someone.

You can also say "to nom."
"I love nomming with you in bed."

"I want to nom on your boobies."
by mcclellt December 03, 2009
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