Online newspaper that fills its articles with irrlelevant drivel in order to have more space for advertising
Clicks on Guardian article about QAnon...

Rachel and her husband were surfing the web one day...

Fuck Rachel and her husband get to the point.
by Goth Doll November 20, 2020
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An entity which is there to protect an area of interest or object of value. Typically a living animal, plant or inanimate object which prevents anything from getting past it. Some examples include a cow guardian, a goose guardian, a nettle guardian or a tractor guardian.
Person 1: I want to go into Springkell to see the river.
Person 2: There's goat guardians blocking the gate.
Person 1: Oh nooo!
by binmunbruce June 16, 2019
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One chosen by a goddess to serve as her protector. Guardians normally are known to have great powers witch is necessary to protect the goddess from all who would want to cause her harm. It is common for a guardian to fall in love with their charge making the link between them stronger.
Rex Quicksilver was Chosen by the earth goddess Nayru to be her Guardian and protect her from the humans who want her dead...
by Xellos The Rouge Priest December 17, 2008
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Administrator on mapMonkeys, a glitching community with 49,653 members. He's a total badass, and keeps the forums clean. He probably met Chuck Norris once or twice.
Member on mM: Hey who wants to talk about Call of Duty in this Halo thread?

Guardian: Hell no! LOCKED.

Rezzzo (other admin): But I wanted to lock it!
by justintime911 December 05, 2009
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In the hallowed and ancient game of Starcraft, a powerful zerg air unit. Capable of reigning mass destruction from afar, a swarm of guardians were oft the demise of a defenseless n00b. However, guardians are incapable of attacking other air units, and are weak in that sense.

Guardians are affectionately known as "crabs" by more experienced players, because their sprite resembles greatly a crab.
the(42)answer:w00t! Crabs on the way!
IrTeHlEeT: wtf are crabs?
the(42)answer: guardians, biatch.
IrTeHlEeT: fuck.
the(42)answer: yeah you're screwed.
Player 2 has been eliminated.
by tridelvior October 02, 2004
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Any person who enters into a contract or makes a deal to protect, a place, group, or person
by G-5B January 28, 2019
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A guardian is the old man who is always present at nude beaches. They often sit near the entrance and typically judge people entering. They are usually fully tanned and let their balls hang freely.
We passed a guardian when we went to the nude beach yesterday.
by Oski_Boi June 08, 2019
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