Father Nomad is a anti religious cult leader who is trying to eliminate toxicity on Omegle.
Father Nomad can be found in video games and on social platforms throughout the internet. His followers are called his children or Nomadic disciples.
Do you know who would listen to you?


Father Nomad
by Father Nomad February 12, 2021
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Someone who moves around a lot (not really from a place) and is multiracial. It is hard for these people to answer the questions; where are you from? And what is your background.
My sister and I are both nomadic mutts.
by Andrea "coop" March 16, 2006
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Anyone who hasn't lived in one place more than 3 years in the last decade of their life and has no idea when or where they will ever settle down for good.
(i.e. Modern Nomads cannot call themselves "locals" anywhere because they haven't been there long enough and probably wont be.)

* Does not carry the negative connotation of someone who does this homelessly and/or without being a legally, gainfully, productive member of society.
by KatDilan February 2, 2012
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People who step in place during a walking challenge and say they are actually walking. It is definitely BS and cheating.
Oh look I took 400,000 steps (like a kick ass Nomadic Stepper) in place to come in fourth place for a walking challenge. I feel so good that I cheated the system!
by Mr.Radical June 2, 2017
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When you travel to great lengths to find the best dick.
Tay: hey where did Sara go?
Joe: Shes on another Dick Nomad Trip
Tay: Always looking for that Magical Dick that girl
by Practice Squad March 26, 2021
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A person who never stays in one group or clique for long, but migrates from one to another, often times losing contact with members of the previous.
"Brian is such a social nomad. I've never seen him in the same group for more than a week!"
by IsaacGrahm April 12, 2016
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A relative of the mall rat, this person walks around a store aimlessly, looking at crap, and boring you to death. They seek out random shit like they are rooting around for sustenance.
"Would you quit wandering around like a fucking store nomad? Let's LEAVE already."
by Leilani_h June 4, 2005
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