Slang for the word "paranoia", which often occurs when smoking too much pot.
"I smoked to joint and I've got some sick noia"
by disiple009 December 15, 2014
Noia is the name of beautiful a person who has a lot of love to give. She is hilarious and blunt, but always speaks with love. It's impossible for her to leave the house without someone noticing her or complimenting her. She's extremely ambitious and works hard for everything she earns. She has a bright soul and is an amazing friend. She is strong willed and deserving of everything the world has to offer.
I'm trying to be like Noia, she's and amazing influence on me.
by MsTakenTX November 23, 2021
The ugliest guy ever known to mankind
He's the true meaning of ugly!
He will eat your brain if you look him in the eyes.
Beware and pray for jebus!
Only Noia can be that ugly! No examples of such ugliness are kown
by Lindão February 22, 2012
The feeling of being paranoid after blazing or smoking weed.
" Because of """the Noia"",mike locked himself in his room with a sawed of shotgun after we smoked our bong."
by skatem3r1ca September 8, 2008
It mean that that your gay, whenever someone says this word it means you like the same gender in a sexual way
Hi, noia, please let me fuck you😍😍
by Pckiiiiu May 6, 2020
Maximum level of paranoia pertaining to the safety and well-being of one's child or children...
I could'nt enjoy my shower because my "Mom-noia" made me keep hearing the baby crying!
by GaiaNaturi117 April 5, 2016