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Similar to egging, Nogging is the assault or vandalism of any person, place, or thing, using eggnog. The eggnog is most commonly distributed upon said person, place, or thing fresh from the carton. The eggnog carton(s) should be left at the scene of the nogging. Nogging is usually performed in the winter months because eggnog is readily available and will freeze in the cold.
"Lets get some eggnog and go nogging tonight."

"Some stupid kids nogged my car last night!"

"Lets nog my ex's house this weekend."
by TheNogger November 19, 2011
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Spending time in an authentically black fashion, characterized by doing absolutely nothing constructive, in fact largely making reverse progress in your life. Furthermore, there should be some important task that is being ignored for the sake of nogging. Generally something is required to facilitate nogging such as video games, television, social networking, sleeping or adult entertainment.

An important point is that nogging is universally applicable to members of all gender, race, creed, color, ethnicity, nationality or fiscal status.
Me: Did you see Claude nogging yesterday?! He was alone in his room drinking a 40 and a jug of old, cheap wine. He blacked out on his own watching V for Vendetta!
Jack: Wow, that's serious nogging! Not even CJ and Sporcle can match that!
by The Enogma May 25, 2011
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The act of entering a woman's vagina with your head. Often used when fisting, footing, elbowing, and kneeing no longer produces an orgasm.
Dude, I was nogging that bitch so hard last night I think her vag muscles gave me a concussion.
by GinAtomic July 13, 2011
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the act of drinking egg nog, purchasing egg nog, or anything to do with the holiday beverage

;also a clever sexual innuendo
1) Kristian is nogging Sarah on the couch in the living room.
by Metaxas January 10, 2009
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Nogging; to nog.

Nogging is the act of giving someone oral sex. It can be applied to men and women.

Comes from 'noggin', which means head. Another term for giving oral sex is giving 'head'.
Last night, I was nogging Miranda. After a while she got bored and nogged me too.
by PaulieDepressed February 23, 2009
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when a boy, usually 12-14, strains his neck muscles in a picture in order to look older.
Ben is 13, but he looks 16 in this picture because he's nogging
by johnnyrocket127987345 December 05, 2010
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