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A type of girl who is shy in public, but has many friends and admirers. When with friends, she becomes outgoing, fun, and a partygirl. Usually very kind, even to people she doesn't know or like. She is very pretty and is described as perfect by most people, even though she denies it. An overall perfect friend or girlfriend.
Guy 1: Hey bro, did you see that girl I was talking to? She was so nice, I think she's perfect.

Guy 2: Yeah man, she must be a Noemie.
by Seven Particle December 08, 2013
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Noémie is a girl that is BEAUTIFUL. She has an amazing personality. She is kind to all and is loving towards everyone. Everyone calls her perfect because it’s the truth. She’s who anyone would want to be. She’s shy around strangers but once you get to know her she’s a wild gal. I love you!
by Dandelion<3 June 08, 2018
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A cradle-snatching woman with a belly button deep enough to hold secrets for up to 5 months
Andrew: Yo, that cradle-snatching woman has been holding that secret in her belly button for up to 5 months
Mikey: True, she's such a Noemie
by calf_lover_69 June 06, 2015
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