If you are lucky enough to find a Noemi, never let her go. She will change your world for the better. Because of her, you will become more studious, sporty, hard-working (although not as hard-working as her because that’s almost impossible), self-confidence and much happier in life. It’s because of her that you dare to be just yourself. She is the most loyal, beautiful (on the inside and outside), hard-working and kindest person. You know you can go to her with every problem or funny thing you experienced that day, and she will take you seriously. After every time you spend time together, you’ll feel so much better about yourself. She cheers you up, makes you happy every time and spending time with her is a precious gift no matter what you do. It can just be studying together, and it makes one of the best days of the week just because it means being with her. It’s a bond that gets stronger every day even after years and that is the beautiful thing about having a Noemi. You can’t get enough of her because she is so inspiring, funny, kind, supporting and she teaches you so much about life. Because of her, you will be able to understand the world and life better. You can talk with her for 24h hours a day and it would never get annoying. If you find a Noemi, keep her! I’m the happiest person because I was able to find my Noemi and I know I would do anything to not lose her.
Noemi is just wonderful
by Alpacaunicorn December 5, 2021
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If you find a Noemi, and you both earn trust of each other, never let go off her. You‘d be an idiot if you did. However, a „Noemi“ is super cute, very friendly and damn kind, besides her looks (which are of course extraterrestrial) her character and personality is amazing, you‘ll never find another girl like a Noemi. Trust me bro
Guy: „Brooo, did you see Noemi yesterday?“
Other guy: Yess, bro she soo beautiful and bro, she has a hugee ass heart
by rence420 December 4, 2020
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She is very nice when she feels like it sometimes she has a very bad moment but she is always smiling at life no Mather what is going on. She is nice to persons that treat her nice but she can have a dark side on her that no one knows she can show her emotions when she dosent like something that is going on
Noemi is a really good friend to my throw out the hard times of my life.
by Ashely Ramirez February 28, 2019
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The prettiest and most gorgeous person ever seen. I am a hard simp for them.
Have you seen Noemi today? I almost fainted cyz she is so handsome.
by youarekindashortlol November 8, 2021
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Most commonly the name of a beautiful , smart , girl. She somtimes can have a mean side, but for the most part shes very loving and caring. A family oriented person, and definatly has great motherly qualities. In most cases she can be the most gorgeous woman you'll ever see in your entire life.
"I saw the most beautiful couple walking in the park today with the cutest baby, i bet her name was Noemi"
by Masya February 5, 2010
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An amazing goddess, she makes the world shine brighter everyday she smiles, and causes every guy who sees her to trip and fall. She bakes cookies absolutely perfectly, and adds a secret ingredient: love. Any guy who has her in his life wakes up every morning and praises God for being blessed with such an amazing girl. She's a genuine, good-hearted, wonderful, caring, and beautiful person inside and out who you can talk to about anything. She has a gorgeous body, it's perfection; and my eyes melt everyday I look at her. She's a straight boss, and I admire her for everything she is and has done.

Side note: she's a frigging genius as well
"Damn look at dat Noemi tho!"
by Generic user 155 February 26, 2017
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Noemi is the type of person to take a completely broken heart and turn it into the best it can be. She’s the smartest more down to earth being in the room always and will always be sure to make you smile no matter how bad your mood is. Noemi is a very likable person and she’s funny,cute,hot,she impresses you a lot,talented and never fails to make you the happiest person in existence. She’s been through alot and does not like herself alot but doesn’t show it, you just need to help her the way she helps you and it’s actually interesting to listen to her and what she has to say to you. From her rants to her day it’s all interesting and will stick with you forever. You feel actual guilt letting her down cause she’s so amazing and loyal and trusts you with everything she has. It’s amazing how someone can dedicate so much time to being so Perfect and deliver it so well that you just want her all to yourself. It’s really rare to find someone like her and if you ever do, you’re really lucky and never let her go cause she is sure to make your life worth living every millisecond of it. Make her feel special and make her feel like she’s the only one you love and she really does the same but in such a way that you can’t even believe that you're so lucky to have that person in your life. If you know a Noemi give her a hug cause I sure know a Noemi myself and if you're reading this Noemi, I love you💖 and I always will and I’m so lucky to have you everyday
Noemi is perfect

Hey did you see Noemi’s cute hair?
Noemi makes me feel a certain way and I can’t get enough
by Pepsi_Man1997 February 11, 2022
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