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A word used to describe anyone in any situation, usually in a negative way. Essentially an all around adjective for ant situation.
"Wow look at that kid, he's a noddle."

"Buddy you're a noddle head!"

"Fuck you noddles."
by BigDaddyWhiteFBI January 27, 2017
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when you are in class and are called out to answer something boring and trivial, at this time you nod your head and hope that the teacher accepts the lame-ass attempt to cover your own ass, by moving you are effectivally proving your listening skills and therefore are a vital part of the class, so teach don't get into thinking ou do nothing all lesson..... riiiight.
my mother looked at me expectantly.
I noddled, hoping to sweet jebus that she thought i was paying attention.
by Jane-Nia May 08, 2009
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