when an a group of friends decide to sneak out and have a good time together
Izzy picked me , my cousin up, so we can all go night timing around the city
by eliseob January 26, 2009
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A time when black folk is not be saw.
No, baby, Ima come in at night time... A time when black folk is not be saw.
by edlitz36 June 30, 2010
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a substance released into the very molecules of oxygen you breathe when the sun goes down and the moon rises. this substance has been classified by the scientific community as a drug. it's dank as fuck too lol
people generally experience this dank ass drug late at night when they're trying to pull an all-nighter. however, it isn't the body's reaction to being tired. it's a drug.
this drug will involuntarily get into your system. it doesn't need some dumbass highschool drop out to sell it to you. mother nature sells it to you.
you're gonna get real high on this thing my guy.
3:00 AM during an all-nighter

Sally: yo im feeling kinda woozy rn squad
Ratcheta (black gurl): ya fam dat be night time, you be as high as a kite
Sally: oh shit ok cool
by yourmomhasaids:) July 9, 2018
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a state of mind in which you are so deprived of sleep that you attain a feeling of high much like marajuana.
Resulting in, but not limited to; thinking everything is excesively hilarious when in reality it is not or, acting like an idiot while half way between sleep and awake.
"It's 5 in the morning and brent just tried to jump off the roof, that guy must have a serious night-time high to pull that crazy shit!!"
by TheChosenOne599 June 30, 2009
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The name of the rapidly growing organization that is known for Night Timing. Started in Atlantic County, NJ in September 2008 by 4 members, it has grown to become a popular group for the concept of going out at night and having a good time. For minors, the popular method of sneaking out occurs when one does not have permission of the legal guardians in order to meet up with fellow Night Timers.

NTI now consist of many more members. In order for one to be approved for the group, one must be DTF aka Down To Fuck which means willing to be cool and going out with the rest of the group without any Bitch-Ass-Ness. If some one is not willing to cooperate or drops out of the group, they are sure to expect a mean Forking. and if they dont have a lawn then Egging to their windows may occur.

NOTE: One may be Honorably Discharged of the group which means no penalty if one gets in trouble by the legal guardians due to Night Timing. This has happened to a few members. One has been caught due to a failure to remove a ladder next to the window which the parent concluded precisely that he snuck out. One has also been caught making too much noise sneaking back into their respective house and also arriving home incredibly late or past sunrise.
The following activities are ways of having a good time
when going out:

1) going to the legendary Jersey Devil's house for a scary and fun experience.

2) doing harmless but rather very annoying pranks such as forking, driving on lawns, egging, beeping the horn.

3) going either to McDonald's, Denny's, or White Castle.

4) going to Ocean City boardwalk.

5) going to the Atlantic City boardwalk or casinos and driving around to talk to the women strolling on pacific avenue.

6) bustin dance moves. ex: arm head bang, crucifix.

7) just driving around and listening to the NTI theme song.

8) going to any other fun events such as parties or chilling at some ones house or even bowling.

9) strange catch phrases or words like squally, yo bro, hellz kitch, beautiful stuff, orale guey, or DTF.

Requirements: At least one car to get around town. Money to have a head banging time. supplies such as forks. running gear to avoid getting caught by house owners. cellular devices for solid communication.

Night Timing International has also had an Expansion in 2009 which is called NTI 2Day. look up in U.D.
by Night Timer 03 January 14, 2010
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Night time friends are people you first meet during the night time most of the time at parties and then one day you see them in public and aren't sure to say hi or not because it may or may not be awkward as fuck
Yea so I saw this dude that I met at the party last night, at Walmart and we made really awkward eye contact. I guess were only night time friends.
by Mznasty February 23, 2014
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