Noble it’s literally the coolest boy alive , he’s talented, handsome and has an amazing personality <333
I love noble “ <3
by tsumiku March 18, 2021
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Noble can be a name as well. He is usually strange sort of dorky and he keeps to himself. Once you get to know him he is hilarious and you will fall for him right away. He might not be that hansom on the outside but he is a great friend who you can be yourself around. He really dose not care what other people think about him. He will show his true colors and if anyone has anything to say about it he will laugh and make a joke. He is bomb.com if you get a Noble don't let him go.
Girl-smiles at phone
Bff-what are you smileing at?
Girl-ish nothing I'm just texting Noble!
by Pleaselikeminearelegit February 12, 2019
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Can be a boy’s name. He might seem gay at first but he isn’t always he is odd yet unique. If you find a noble never let him go because he is a great guy . He might not be the hottest but OMG he is great!!! He likes a new girl every so often. If he likes you he will show it. He might even tell you he loves you😉😉
Omg is that noble, he is so hot
Add him on Snapchat @soggy_poetahtoe he is hot hit him up
by Pleaselikeminearelegit April 23, 2019
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