A person that is the hottest in the world. They sometimes say that they are better then everyone but that is just because it's true. Noble or christian is the optimum choise for any woman.
Woman 1: I want noble.
Man: hey woman 1 will u go out with me?
Woman: NO!!! I only have eyes for noble.
Man: Damn I wish I was noble.
by Gzilla777 November 06, 2010
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Person with a huge cock.....period. no one's is bigger.
I wish i was a Noble
Hunk,Stud,God,Nobel, Nbole
by Lil man23648 July 22, 2011
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When you drink an entire alcoholic beverage whole so you can't taste it.
Dude I hate vodka so I totally pulled a Noble.
by Yeetusthyfetus November 28, 2019
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Somone how is amaving,sexy,intelagent the nobles are the reall meaning is "noble".some people say there a different kind a different speashes becose there the chosen ones.
by _your_mum_ February 06, 2019
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Sexy dark skin mofo, made of pure perfection big dick vibes and great at games such as Fortnite, NBA, COD, and Apex Legends. Bags hella bitches on the regular and loves porn and weed.
Guy 1: You ever just want to....be Noble?
Guy 2:Shit man all the time
by YUNGOLDDAGGERDICK December 01, 2020
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Noble is the youtuber known as lost pause. He stares at anime tits and shits on memes for a living. His real name is Maibigbutt Rugmunch and he is the head preist of the Boob god's church. He also wrote the thrilling adventure "Shots Fiyerd".
Dawg:"Hey wanna crack a cold one with the boys later?"
UJIMK:"no, I gotta smoke crack, do some Noble and pray to the boob god."
Dawg:*deletes contact info*
via giphy
by DablordHentaimaster69 June 29, 2017
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