A school for rich kids who think they're public school isn't good enough for them even though the area Nobles is in has the best school system in the country. If you go to Nobles you either don't have balls hence the name No Balls or you have so much money you decided to go to Nobles instead of uses 20's as toilet paper.
"Kids who go to Nobles have NoBalls"
by Benbeaniebabies January 27, 2012
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noble is noble which is a noble thing to do..so there fore u r noble
nobleish u smell like noble
by baby April 05, 2005
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1. Remaining conspiucous throughout your entire life but never actually commiting any crime
2. To powernap through a test or exam, finish more than 30 mins before any other person, and do extremely well when you are not at all capable
1. That kid over there... doesnt he just noble alll the time?

2. Dammmn i got a 98% on that french exam, i wish i could speak French though cuz i bet it would come in handy.
by Jhonny Potsmoker April 07, 2006
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a retard who screams all the time in discord calls

he rides dinosaurs and slaps his ass all the time
Aaron: Yo did you hear about Noble

Jojo: Bro Noble's ass is pretty hot tho ngl no homo
via giphy
by TheKiwii October 30, 2019
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One who acts selflessly to better the life of his child.
A noble Father, that despite a volatile break-up, pays child support consistently and aids his Ex even more so monetarily with-out hesitation, even though it is not appreciated. A noble Father who literally lives for his child, greatly anticipates the next time he will see his child and loves his child more than life itself. A noble Father who desires much more time and involvement in his child's life to properly parent in the way only a Father can, despite being restricted for no apparent reason other than to be controlled exclusively by his Ex.
by Stabbey October 28, 2010
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A younger sibling who is loving, funny, smart, and nutty! a curly haired, blue eyed angel who loves to run around and create an entire world in the back yard.

also called monkey, nibbler, nibs and nibbles.
by Noblesis February 14, 2010
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