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1. n. Usually of the female persuasion - one who incessantly and vivaciously enjoys performing felatio on a man. Her aptitude, proficiency, and dexterity are typically second to none.

2. n. a dick sucker, one who gobbles your nob
1. "It was soon after my first encounter with Katie that I proclaimed her to be a Nob Gobbler on par with Jenna Jameson!"

2. "This Nob Gobbler worked my shaft like a starved soul at an all-u-can-eat buffet"
by Gravy October 07, 2005
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A person who sucks penis, in a deep throat stylee.
He is a real nobgobbler, he'd suck the sweat off of dead mens balls
by chird September 09, 2003
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1) a female who loves to suck dick

2) a gay man

3) a liberal Democrat
1) You baby faced nob-gobbler. I love your pussy and tits. Give me a kiss.

2) I don't care if you dress better than me. At least I have sex with women, you nob-gobbler.

3) I'm not voting for that nob-gobbler Obama for a million dollars.
by Assex 776 May 27, 2008
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Gitting your dick sucked so good it turns into a nob
Tammy sucked tim's dick so good shes a nob gobbler
via giphy
by Your mim October 21, 2018
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