An unfortunate tattoo that was supposed to be "no regrets"
Did you see Frannie's tattoo? It said "no regerts," Gonna have to live with that the rest of her life.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 July 21, 2016
the feeling you get when you notice your fresh tattoo has a typo.
by mrdata April 20, 2013
The outcome of a Tattoo artist that misspelt the word Regret for "Regert" and a poor dude who Just wanted a Tattoo that had the word "No regret(s)"
Dude 1: Hey dude! Did you see dude 3's Tattoo?
Dude 2: Yea! The tattoo artist made the word Regret, Regert...!
Dude 3: It's not MY fault...!
by The Chipporino August 30, 2022
The unfortunate accident the typist had while putting in the title for the steam version of Postal 4.
Postal 4: No Regerts
by bumblaster69 May 14, 2022
When you put yourself in a compromising situation and role with it anyway.
They had no regerts as they remembered having sex on the hotel balcony the night before.
by Meister and Moot January 22, 2022
Pogchamp huge man that women and men love
"Regert is so sexy omfg" -every woman in history
by pogmanisverypog April 6, 2021