Amazing girl who knows who she is and her goals in life. Smart, funny, amazing, cute, self-confident and did I say she's damn good at kissing?
Frannie's the type of girl you want to be friends with, to be in relationship with, and who you know you can always count on no matter what. Travels the world, and keeps your secrets, her hair is shiny and eyes as bright as 11 stars.
Frannie's no girl to mess with, she burns with a fiery passion

WARNING: causes boys to instantly fall in love with her if you text her
Guy 1: Who u txtin'?
Guy 2: Frannie, why?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: You will fall instantly in luv wit her
Guy 2: So? that's a good thing
Guy 1: Oh, tell her I say hi
by tappingthat August 7, 2011
awesome, cute, nice, rawr.
You're so franny
by lockerisnumber September 2, 2011
very smart and beautiful girl that has cat and dog sidekicks to help her fight crime and injustice. tea and toast are her superfoods.
Oh wow! Last night Franny saved my life!
by ziczle March 4, 2011
vivacious young women who is goal orientated
shinnig star
by f brace December 12, 2003
After the party, there where so many Franny's laying around the house, what a waist of soda.
by Allie_5674 September 16, 2017
its a female friend which you are fairly close to
Kelly: you are the best Franny I ever had
by tayi April 21, 2010