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A little town in the north of Scotland that's full of smackheads, cruise ships and oil rigs.
"Oh, you had an encounter with those Invergordon kids? You poor thing."
by bumblaster69 July 16, 2022
The unfortunate accident the typist had while putting in the title for the steam version of Postal 4.
Postal 4: No Regerts
by bumblaster69 May 14, 2022
A sexy rock sextet with saxes and invincible sunglasses!

They have a basic rock band setup + sax, violin and keys, and they're one of those bands that you can only describe with about 7 different genre tags. They are AMAZING, and will definitely be one of the 20s' classic bands. The band's vocalist sadly left the band a few days before the release of their second album, but the band plans to continue on, and I can't wait to hear more! They are all amazing musicians.
"She likes concorde, she's got Billie Eillish style"

"Have you ever listened to black midi or Black Country, New Road? Best band duo ever."
by bumblaster69 July 13, 2022