What people who go to the University of Oklahoma have to sacrifice in order to attend the college and become an ou tard. Once you attend OU aka TardU, you basically have no future and will be a complete failure in life because everyone shares tard DNA instead of OUDNA.
Norman "Nick" goes to OU but I think he's too stupid to realize that he no longer has a bright future.
by TurnM3Up December 7, 2019
Something that isn't and never shall be, a time for students to do homework and chores, and the period of time Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in a DeLorean.
*I said I'd do it later mom
*What time later!!!!
*I dunno. Sometime in the future I guess
by puzzling trials February 26, 2018
A man who doesn’t simp for no bitch if a man does this he is considered a king
Woah sometimes Jotaro doesn’t simp for no bitch doesn’t that make him a future
by I will make a trending word August 1, 2020
Something so out of ordinary that it seems unreal and of a future time period.

An amazing Iron Maiden song.
by The wicker hombre August 4, 2011
A legendary artist who's music provides an indescribable feeling of euphoria to his fans, The Future Hive. Also known as Future Vandross, Future Hendrix, and Future Christ
Latavious: Yo B what you listening to?
Brandon: That new future! Throwaway Pt.2 will change a nigga life
Ex. 2
Kelly: Why is Beyoncé singing the national anthem
Moksha: Right! These executives couldn't book Future to sing it
by Ky1GigEm July 15, 2015
Something you don't have if you searched this
CID: Hey John what's a future?
Meza: Something you don't have.
by ThatOneLeftOutGuy February 28, 2017
used to describe something that's generally regarded as cool, fun or having good value.
Dude almonds are the future
by penice21 March 27, 2019