The girl of your fantasies, a beauty so astounding, she'll make your jaw drop more like "enlighten" you just by looking at her. She has a personality so charming and charismatic you never wanna set your eyes on any other girl. She is the most loving, caring, loyal by nature will make an excellent friend.
by Heretotellyoutruth June 02, 2019
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The feeling of happiness when you get touched by a man. Usually can be painful for gay people and results in severe trauma
Dude I think I’m gay after all that moksha
by Mayank0311 July 16, 2019
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The Sanskrit word meaning salvation or liberation. In Hinduism, reaching Moksha is synonymous to becoming one with God and attaining salvation. In the Hindu context, this means escaping the cycle of rebirth.
Do that and you'll never reach Moksha after this life.
by Moksha! March 28, 2008
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The act of impurifying mind.
I went to the Himalayas to get Moksha. But on my way, I met people who taught me what real Moksha effect is. I started understanding double meaning sentences quicker!
by whataminotdoing January 27, 2017
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