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To be deadass serious.
Not playing

Short for “chuckle
“Bro no chuck, im hungry. I haven’t eaten all day.”

“Let me get a dollar” “no chuck, im broke”
by Leeltati May 10, 2019
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An adjective or noun to describe the values, mentality and culture of the people living in Cambridge, Somerville, and the nearby municipalities located north of the Charles river in Massachusetts. The term is used in contrast to the values, mentality, and culture of people in Boston proper which is south of the Charles river (see sochuck).
Let's go nochuck tonight and get organic, soy-based, lattes before catching an indie Norwegian film and then later head sochuck to bang some slutty B.U. girls.
by J3553G April 01, 2010
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The local name for North Charleston, South Carolina located to the north of the City of Charleston. Charleston is called "Chuck" from the name Charles II and naturally North Chucktown became No Chuck. There are some really nice areas (Park Circle is the Brooklyn of the Charleston Metropolitan Area) and some really sketchy parts (Chicora).

No Chuck is part of the Charleston Metro area along with Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Ladson, and Summerville
I'm going to slum it up in No Chuck tonight!

Ug, I'm not going to see him again, he lives all the way in No Chuck.

No Chuck is a little more sketch than Chucktown.
by YourMom'sMom September 12, 2012
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