Irish colloquial expression. To have no worries or problems about one's self. For something to not be a problem. To be unvexed by something.
Ah no bother about that.

That's no bother to me.
by October 30, 2010
When you go up to snape, push him repeatedly and yell "BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER"
Snape: Im snape, the potions master
Harry: the're he is, now lets go bother him
Harry: That was fun!
Ron: I like the part where he stopped moving!
by Mr-crumble August 27, 2009
A term used to describe the level to which an individual is affected by a situation or piece of information.
The level of BOTHERANCE which I experienced was 60%

There was a BOTHERANCE factor of 2/10 when I found out about him cheating on me.
by Flizznick July 20, 2005
a fun activity that involves running around a person and softly batting at them with your arms while saying "Bother bother bother."
"let's go bother snape!" "Yes, lets!"
"Bother bother bother bother!"
by Crazy V April 30, 2007
Someone or something that is aggravating. From the combination of the words "bother" and "aggravation".
That guy keeps calling here! He is beginning to be a botheration.
by Brennon Guilbeau March 7, 2006
the adjective for bother, to bother someone, to be bother by someone, to always bother someone.
She only likes us because of our botherness
by Sammy(; April 5, 2010