Trying to, or the act of picking up a girl.
"Hey guys, watch me go wheel that broad."
"I've totaly been wheeling this chick from work".
by JohnyBarber December 04, 2003
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The act where a young female and young male are in a "phase" before dating. Like flirting but a bit more commitment. Includes talking, hugging, kissing, hand holding, flirting ect. Basically another term for dating but less awkward and more teen friendly.
Darren: "me and Michelle are wheeling"
Cody: "sick wheels man"
by LonejsmCarl January 06, 2012
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To have a way with women, usually involving some sort of charm and/or game plan. Very similar to charisma. Derived from "wheelin' and dealin'".
Did you see the blonde he went home with? That guy's got some serious wheels.
by Tracerbullet February 06, 2009
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When two people are together before they date. The fine line between flirting and dating. Impossible for anyone over the age of 25 to understand. Used commonly in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
-Are Jon and Stephanie dating?
-No man, just wheeling.
by redorangeyellow July 03, 2009
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The picking up of girls by guys, especially hockey players
Player 1: Man look at Bobby over there wheeling those rockets.
by IFMOD June 03, 2012
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When two pre teens are not quite on the go or dating but 'like' eachother . Basically two people who dont date but want to be able to say that someone likes them
Me and Jessica have been wheeling for 3 days now, i cant wait til were on the go
by Ncg13 April 16, 2017
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