A phrase used when someone wants to make something seem less offensive. Most of the time it just makes them sound like an asshole.
"no offence" but you are fat and lazy...
by Skryko December 6, 2019
The British way of writing Offense. Not the retarded way like some people believe.
by ChibiHikari January 1, 2011
Used to tell someone what you really think of someone and them not being offended by what you say. No matter how rude you are about it.
"No offence Obama but you are fucking the country up."
by theepicking October 29, 2009
What you say right before offending someone.
No offence, but your hear looks like sh*t.
by bamboomy January 13, 2011
The decidedly unfavorable way that you consider someone's erecting a new batch of chain-link fabric across a road, pathway, property-border, or other previously-open/unrestricted area.
Daffy Duck found the invisible boundary-line that was created to protect grizzly bears during hunting-season to be highly offencive, and so he fumingly made assorted attempts to defeat said barrier.
by QuacksO October 8, 2018
If someone said somethig to hurt you or did sumin to hurt you, you'd be like.. offenced.. init (anover word for it is offended)..
Like If Some One Sed To You..
Person B:UGHH.. Im So Offenced!! Y Did U Say Dat Man..

Or Example B:
Person A: Whats Wrong Wiv You R u Stupid Or Sumtin!!??!
Person B: What Do You Mean Im Stupid.. IDIOT! Youve Offenced Me Bruv!
by Xmcyxx November 15, 2009