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A good movie that's gotten a bad rap due to stubborn fans using poor defenses of the film when it's criticized.

They often say people just "don't get it" if they don't like it and anyone who doesn't should go watch Transformers 2 (or whatever other film which is at the time popular for lacking plot and overusing CGI, etc).

Personally, however, I still find it to be a very good movie, it's just unfortunate that it's gotten such a bad rep due to stubborn defenders who can't deal with other opinions
Some guy: No Country For Old Men sucked!

Stubborn NCFOM fan: You just didn't get it, go watch Transformers 2!

Some guy: You're stupid for liking it!

Stubborn NCFOM fan: No, you are!

Sensible person: Wouldn't it be easier to simply accept some people didn't like the movie, instead of giving its fanbase a bad name?

Stubborn NCFOM fan: Go watch Transformers!
by IWasFrozenToday January 06, 2010
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A movie (and book) about a Texas bumpkin who stumbles across $2 million, heroin and a slew of dead drug dealers in the desert. Rather than doing the civil deed of contacting authorities, the bumpkin steals the money and is subsequently chased by a silly-lookin' fella with a bad haircut. Although (we're told) the bad haircut dude kills anyone who inconveniences him, the case rule exception is morbidly obese beauty queens at trailer parks. As all of this is going on, a small town codger sheriff chats with people and occasionally investigates the case, but otherwise has little to do with the bumpkin and the bad haircut dude.

By the end, the audience has just witnessed the same allegories, cliches and plot holes of cinema in the past 60 years (although the film's apologists claim we just "didn't get it", and that the movie has a profound, cryptic meaning - which is often their own interpretation.) While "No Country" did gain a significant amount of critical/award acclaim, reception was actually much more polarized, evident by the defensive/flamebait nature of the film's defenders.
NCFOM Fanboy: I think anyone who doesn't like this film should just watch a Hollywood-produced movie with gratuitous violence, explosions, car crashes and limited character development, such as Die Hard 4 or Transformers!

COMMON SENSE MOVIEGOER: But wasn't "No Country For Old Men" also a Hollywood-produced movie with gratuitous violence, explosions, car crashes and limited character development?

NCFOM Fanboy: U just didn't understand it! Who are UR favorite directorz? I bet I know.

COMMON SENSE MOVIEGOER: Well, I liked the Coen brothers' films before they made the "No Country" BS. I'm also a fan of movies by Scorsese, Kubrick, Huston, Jarmusch, Lumet, Eastwood, Welles...

NCFOM Fanboy: HA HA HA, I knew it! Didn't the Stanley Kubrick guy direct the first and second TRANSFORMERS moviez? HA HA HA, U suck, case closed!
by ChoWares May 05, 2009
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1) A 2005 novel by Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy.

2) A 2007 film by the Coen brothers based on the book. Winner of four Oscars including best picture.

Both are inappropriate for children or idiots.
"Dude, what did you think about the ending of 'No Country For Old Men?'"

"I was bored. That movie needed more explosions, like in 'Transformers.'"
by Providence 401 August 28, 2008
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The Coen brothers stroking their egos. "No Country for Old Men" is not realy a movie per say (depending on who you ask) what rather a thesis on the state of the world and the rising evil that will consume us all, circa 1980. The first hour and a half follows the exploits of one Lewelyn Moss, played by Josh Brolin, as he finds a bunch of dead Mexican drug dealers and an ass load of cash and tries to find a way to escape with said cash. But, what's this, Mary Lou Renton is chashing him, but this time, she's a big Spanish assassin who kills people with a cattle gun named Anton Chigurh. Does Chigurh kill Moss, do they even meet? Fuck no, not really anyway! Moss is killed by Mexican drug dealers, and suddenly, out of the fucking blue, Tommy Lee Jones is the focus of this befuddling mess. People who really love this movie will say that it is visionary and bleak and realistic and all that crap. It's an uneven mess that doesn't live up to Coen brothers standards.
Only see No Country for Old Men if you want to be cheated out of a possible really good movie.
by dgrey395 April 13, 2008
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