4 definitions by Providence 401

1) A 2005 novel by Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy.

2) A 2007 film by the Coen brothers based on the book. Winner of four Oscars including best picture.

Both are inappropriate for children or idiots.
"Dude, what did you think about the ending of 'No Country For Old Men?'"

"I was bored. That movie needed more explosions, like in 'Transformers.'"
by Providence 401 August 28, 2008
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It could be yours tonight
by Providence 401 August 28, 2008
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An American television show starring Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin. Known to sometimes make you laugh so hard that a little pee comes out.
"Did you see 30 Rock last night? That shit is a riot!"

"Yeah, I didn't get it. There was no laugh track."
by Providence 401 August 28, 2008
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A television show where Les Stroud, a survival expert, lives in the wild for a week while filming the experience.

He brings no food, no shelter and no water. Stroud is all alone--no camera crew--and carries fifty pounds of camera gear along with him as he goes.

Some of the first two seasons include spending 7 days in the Boreal forest, Georgia swamps, Kalahari desert, Amazon rain forest and the arctic.

Don't be fooled by Survivorman's can-do, "aw, shucks" likability--he will still be standing after the bombs fall and will repopulate the earth with a new race of affable Canadians.
by Providence 401 November 3, 2008
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