If someone thanks you for a favour you would say: "No Bananas!"
by pawpaw November 24, 2008
Going on impulse, not thinking about an action before doing it. Often a tool of peer pressure to make someone do something.
by frankenstein and pals January 11, 2011
Something people look up on UD when they're bored.
You know you're bored when you look up banana.
by nickel124 August 20, 2013
If your banana tastes really good then you describe it as a "banana banana"

It is the way a banana should taste.
example: a banana flavored candy tastes like a banana banana but a regular banana is just a "banana", sooo if you have a banana that tastes really really good it is a "banana banana". noww if you have an even better one then Its "banana banana nana ana"
by bananabananaana June 5, 2010
Saying something is crazy, ridiculous, or just plain balderdash.
Dee: It's my brother's fault, though. You're not going to believe this. He tried to convince me that you were retarded, what?
Lil' Kev: No, what.
Dee: I know.
Lil' Kev: That's bananas, girl.
Dee: You're not retarded, are you?
by Ernie on Crack August 22, 2009
A banana is a measurement of length. Its use became common around the early twenty-first century, and has continued to remain in common English ever since. The original banana was defined as a curved yellow fruit that was 17 centimeters long; due to the great famine and subsequent death of many species, one banana is now nearer to 14.5 centimeters. However, one ISO banana is still defined as 17 centimeters despite the unit commonly being described as 14.5 centimeters.
"Your son is now 9 bananas tall!"
"Let's hope he lives to be 12!"

"A miss is as good as 9466.738613880132 bananas." -- old proverb

"Dude's travelling at 2000 bananas per minute!"
by Matrixx January 11, 2014