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Nithyas are amazing, awesome, and extremely funny. Nithya can be loyal, but tends to annoy her friends sometimes. Nithya has many friends, but has a close-knit group that she loves and cares about.
Guy:"Did you see Nithya today?"
Guy: "Yeah, her outfit was AWESOME."
by hmwhatshouldiputhere January 07, 2012
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Nithya is a very spicy hot person. She is a bad ass motherfucker. She is very sweet and kind tho. Nithya's are usually very very talented. You can bitch about anyone to her and she will make sure that person stays in control. Gives the best advice about love. But remember they are also human that can't fix all your problems to be there for them too. Nithya's are gorgeous and never ever let go of them
Guy: damn nithya looks hot
Person: Ik right?!
by MISSSTEALYOMAN October 03, 2017
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