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Best sister/friends
When two best friends are so close that they consider themselves as sisters !
- Pauline and Catherine are really close!
- Yeah! They're BSF s :)
by foreveryounnng May 12, 2012
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When someone uses β€œBsf” in a text, it usually means bestfriend.
Girl 1: Heyyy Bsf

Girl 2: Hey, hows it goin bsf?
by RugRat-47 June 16, 2018
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"Bull Shit Foursome"
Four friends who often go out together on random crazy adventures and day trips.
Let's go out BSFing this weekend!
by Cindy5 January 24, 2009
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The cliched phrase every guy tells to a girl when he wants her: Beautiful, Smart, and Funny.
Hey bro, did she say yes?
Nah, I did the BSF way too early
by Kukoo October 09, 2010
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BSF - Best Skype Friend

When you have a best friend, who is on skype.

This could change if you have a better friend on Facebook or MSN

BSF is only related to Skype
Ryan is my BSF. I enjoy sending him poems.

Ben is not a good BSF he talks to other people on skype more than me.

Ben - Hey will you be my BSF?

Travis - No how could you say that? I already have one!
by TheRealWord January 13, 2011
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