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A smart alec that thinks she is good at math. She is very forgetful and will not remember things that are very important.
Nirvi forgot when the orchestra picture was
by One with the 4 May 7, 2011
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To stick chips up ones nose.
I;ve just done a right nirvie !
by MiG February 3, 2003
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by trevor February 3, 2003
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chiperlater girl, likes little boyz
by Anonymous February 3, 2003
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'Nirvis' or 'nirvir' (plural) is a person that finds joy in offending people with sheet statements.
Jimmy Carr is such a nirvis. I can't believe he he gets away with it!
by DesktopCrayon52 May 23, 2021
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Nirvi itself means happy moment. She is always happy and energetic. She never likes to see anyone sad and will always make others happy. There isn't a single solemn moment when she's around
Me: Nirvi won the art competition
Mom: You can learn from her
by March 11, 2022
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