an expression which describes a situation where there is confusion or lack of direction.
"ever since that company got new management, it's been like the blind leading the blind over there."
by Bungalow Bill June 14, 2007
When somebody has no clue how to do something and offers someone else some help.
Jimmy"hey kim, can I help you re-install windows?"

kim: "you don't know how to install windows! That would be like the blind leading the blind."
by thenastybutler February 4, 2010
When a person is confused or stuck on an issue, and another person tries to help them, despite having no idea how to fix their problem themselves.
My friend and I tried to do the math homework together after we were absent for the notes. Coincidentally, the teacher was absent for jury duty that day, and it was like the blind leading the blind for both of us.
by Someone who kinda exists October 13, 2022