Is commonly understood as goblin spelled backwards. Used to by the troll elite to trick mortals into accepting their hospitality.
There are absolutely no trolls in Nilbog, none whatsoever.
by SnuffDaddy November 8, 2004
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Nilbog is 'Goblin' spelt backwards.

In 1989 an Italian-American director working under the pseudonym Drake Floyd made an extremely low budget horror-fantasy film with comic touches, nominally called 'Troll 2', although its an unrelated sequel to the 1986 film Troll.

The film involves a very straight, though angsty American family visiting a tiny farming village run by wicked vegetarian trolls that seek to turn their victims into half plant-half human mutants and then gorge on the hideous green-sludge remains.

Despite being made for only a few hundred thousand dollars, and featuring mostly non-actors and unknowns, Troll 2 is a cult classic and has a small fanbase throughout the world.
"Are you crazy boy? We're vegetarians here in Nilbog. Didn't you know that?"
by Miraculous Mike December 6, 2012
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Jake: Yo Trent, let's smoke weed in your basement
Trent: You fucking Nilbog', that's bait.
by Nilbog2786 October 24, 2010
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When you throw your vanilla ice cream in a lake, your definitely a nilbog.
Gregg them!
by xXoldhowardXx September 5, 2015
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Joshua and his family decide to do a city/country family exchange, landing themselves in the peaceful town of Nilbog. Once there, Joshua's dead grandfather returns to warn him of the evils of Nilbog and tries to get him to convince his family to leave. His parents and sister ignore him. Joshua learns that the town's inhabitants are actually goblins (get it - "Nilbog?") and that their mission is to get outsiders to eat their goblin food, turning them into trees, where they can be eaten and devoured (the goblins are vegetarians). He must work with the ghost of his grandfather to rid the town of its goblins and restore peace to Nilbog. (A strange title, for never once is the word "troll" even mentioned - it's always "goblin.")
Dude lets go to nilbog and turn into veggies so little green men can eat us!
by P huNgy May 13, 2004
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noun. A readily transparent attempt to conceal, especially of a flaw or fault. Word originates from the movie Troll 2, where a population of goblins attempting to conceal their presence live in a town called "Nilbog"; goblin spelled backward.
He can wear however many of those gurldles as he wants, but it's nothing but a nilbog; he's damn fat.
by mickey345 May 30, 2009
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(verb) To interfere with or ruin someone's plan or idea.
I was going to call shotgun, but Reffy totally nilbogged me.
by hypocritic July 11, 2008
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