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Reffy, as in "Reference", someone whose fandom surrounds other fandoms rather than the topic itself. Someone who is able to recognize popculture references of a certain fandom, participate in the conversation, and shares in a topical fascination. Somewhat of an anthropologist/sociologist of cult classics, being more interested in the phenomena of people's response to a work more than the work itself. A Reffy need not actually have been directly exposed to the movie/book/etc at hand- as they are more interested in how people have been moved by and come together over a common interest. Reffy is not a insult for less educated fans, but a specific word for those who are more interested in geeking out on how other people geek out. Some Reffy's may even prefer not to indulge in the movie themselves, so that they remain neutral in appreciating fan perspectives of all angles.
"OMG do you see how epic this Tardis dress is?!"
"Thats so cool that you like Dr.Who too!- It's my life!"
"Thanks, but I'm more of a Reffy- I love the cosplay, cons, memes, inside jokes, conspiracy theories, and artistry/execution but I'm not really into the show."

"Have you read the latest Harry Potter book? Sooo good!"
"No, but I know Snap kills Dumbledore; Harry is one of Voldemort's horcruxes; and the kids grow up and send their kids off to the train. So, Reffy stuff- what's your take on it all? I'd love to hear! Tell me all about it!"
by Schrodinger's Mom December 12, 2015
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