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A name of Scottish decent, Nickson's are male who are really shy, but once you get to know him they come out of there shell and are really funny. He doesn't talk much until you get to know him. Nickson cares about his friends and adores his family and is quite protective about the ones he loves. He is always there for those who need him, friend or no friend. He likes to be around the ladies and they all adore him. Nick is a wonderful son, an amazing brother, a loyal friend and the perfect lover. Looks incredibly hot in jeans has nice hair, and isn't afraid to show his emotions. Sometimes teased by other guys; gets along better with girls. Is often mistaken for being gay. Seems shy until you get to know him, looved by anyone with a functioning brain, The most amazing person ever.
"Wow look at him... he doesn't talk much."

"I bet he is just shy, he's a Nickson!"
by Hash Slinging Lasher2121212 October 11, 2013
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A last name of Scottish Origin.
It is often misspelled, although it is the original form.
Other common forms derived from Nickson are: Nixon, Nichols and Nicholson.
The Nickson family is in the Scottish clan Armstrong
He's a Nickson, right? Wow, that's one cool family.
by AprilR May 27, 2009
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