A shortened version of the corny pick-up line "Nice shirt - it would look good on my bedroom floor" used by close friends to 'pick up' the other in day to day life, and representing an underlying trust in a powerful friendship. Can be used in a game-like competitive situation.
Ali is down but Saz appears out of nowhere with "nice shirt." Ali's day is brightened as she walks away smiling at just how cheeky and sneaky Saz gets in with her "nice shirt's"
by The Real Ducky January 7, 2008
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A derogetory term used to define a person that is unusually homosexual or flagrantly uneasy with there state of sexuality
Ducki told the police officer "nice shirt" the officer proceeded with the phrase thank you. Unbenounced to the officer ducki had just made fun of the officers homosexuality.

Andrew James Bitch
by Irwin7711 July 27, 2006
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(noun): 1. Limited edition shirts that support the world's best social causes through weekly campaigns. 2. A movement of Nice throughout the world.

NiceShirt.org supports the world's greatest causes through sales of limited edition, great looking, and ultra-comfortable shirts.
Jack: Nice Shirt!
Jill: Thanks! It's a NiceShirt. NiceShirt.org donated $10 to Mercy for Animals when I bought it.
Jack: Jealous.
by NiceShirt.org May 22, 2012
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A deceptive way to say fuck you. This insult becomes less deceptive as you add more emphasis on the word shirt.
Hey Danny, nice shirt.
by Phinest76 February 28, 2007
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Person A: The other day, i went to the store and got something for 3.50. I gave the guy $5 and he gave me back change.

Person B: nice shirt!
by pollynoodles September 12, 2009
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What you say to someone when they're wearing the same shirt as you.
*Jack and Joe are both wearing soccer team t-shirts.*

Jack: "Hey man, nice shirt."
Joe: "Thanks man, you too."
by TwoFourSixOOne October 4, 2011
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Used as a get out clause to laugh at something you shouldnt really be laughing at. So everybody thinks your laughing at your friends shirt when really your laughing at the unfortunate person/thing.

used in conjunction with a direction, often the classic time direction to avoid unwanted attention.

'After seeing really tall woman with really small man in front of us'

Me: Nice shirt 12 O'Clock

Friend: Pfffff
by Maudley November 26, 2006
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