NIC DICK, When one is nicing (nicking) out and can't get hard or the little soldier dies and falls down.
My boy Corey got Nic dick last week his junk was not being friendly that day. It was like he had erectile disfunction.
by gropey stopey December 27, 2018
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Similar to whiskey dick, where you can’t get the lil man up, but with nicotine most likely coming from a vape.
Frat 1-“She’s down to smash bro”

Frat 2-“dude I’ve been hitting my juul all night I can’t fuck her I have Nic Dick”
by GrooVphantom May 26, 2018
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When you get a nicotine high or "dome" usually from a vaping device, and immediately get an erection.
"Bro when I first got my Juul, every time I got domed I'd get Nic Dick."
by Slaughter your Daughter October 08, 2018
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