The area that includes, Melrose, Hawthorn, Johnson, Gainsville, and more towns.
Home of the 352 Crew, A gang whos original members are either all dead, in jail, or missing in action.
hey if your from the 352 area ,youre cool with me
by Steele fresh May 29, 2006
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A sexual position where a girl does a handstand and the guy comes in from the side.
She did a position 352 for me last night, we tried to keep it up as long as possible.
by Stephahoe September 22, 2009
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Come in an elite group of three, with the energy of 10. They live in a pimped out frat house. Their shit is gold. At any given time one of them is sleeping, taking a cab, or smoking. One is a watcher, one is a show'er, and one is a giver.
Definition can also expand to include Boy from 354. Together- they break stereotypes and create their own.
Person 1: "Hey man, Where is that loud racket coming from?"
Person 2: "Oh, That's nothing- just the girls from 352."


Person 1: "Hey? Where did that squirrel get that slice of pizza AND dipping sauce?"
Person 2: "Oh- That's no big deal! The girls from 352 probably just forgot to take out their garbage again!"
by sairstarlet February 4, 2010
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