A form of Cash used in the game MapleStory to buy clothes, items, messaging devices, and pets, to make the game a lot more fun.
Also known as Nexon Cash.
Brad: I just bought $10 of NX Cash. Now I can go get some Gachapon Tickets!#!@1
NX Whoar: Yea, well I just charged $200 at Target to get NX Cards. Now I'm going to spend it all on clothes that make me look like I dressed myself in the dark!
by iBradly October 28, 2007
NX Cash is the online currency used in various Nexon games in exchange for extras. NX Cash is not refundable, and has no value except in the online games after purchase. In the exchange, $1 is worth 1000 NX Cash points.
Anthony quit his Maple Story account, and wished to refund his remaining 48,000 NX Cash points that he did not spend. However, the points had no value in the real world.
by BassChan October 18, 2007