Neus is a awesome girl with the deepest eyes in the world. She protect but she also attack. Knowing her will make you think it's perfect and that she has superpowers. She's a very inspiring and powerful girl. Everyone wants to have her close. Don't lose her, it's a special gift of destiny.
If you see Neus smile you will know what is magic.

Marry Neus, NOW!!
by pacheregui January 30, 2020
a girl that can seem mainly cold but she's a cinnamon roll. she likes art, spending time with her friends and family and is loyal af. also make sure she doesn't get angry or she'll kill you :)
dont play with her, because she's capable of everything
the way neus shows love is by protecting you of what she can perceive as danger, no matter if it's a person or an animal or even an object
by neuinski October 20, 2021
Influential German Electronic Band from the 1970s.
Similiar to the more popular band Kraftwerk.
by Dobedobedo August 3, 2005
"Oh Mutti, ich habe einen neu Jacke gekauft."
by Lauren Robinson June 19, 2005
Neu is the most important word you'll ever use in your life. It's like no but even more powerful and better. No reason, it simply just is.
Person 1: "Wanna watch torchwood"?
Person 2: "Neu."
by pxgeon21 July 6, 2022
Neu is a girl that eats soap , dances naked in her mother's kitchen , she has boobs and she lives in a tropical city called Nanus
Sa:i just saw a girl eathing soap naked in a kitchen
Alumette:oh ya , she juste moved in she's called Neu
by Barneyloveskids January 30, 2017
I had to hurry home from golf so I could go neu-boating.
by Peetos January 11, 2022