to return one's own scratched, cracked, or otherwise non-functional DVD in return for Netflix's fully-functional disc, avoiding the need to purchase a new copy.
My Arrested Development Season One Disc 1 won't play because it's scratched - I have to put it in my queue and netfix it.
by Amy77777 February 24, 2009
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a; In the Netflix cycle, a. that moment of intense relief when one realizes a dvd has arrived; b; from the moment of seeing the dvd in the mailbox to the actual viewing of the dvd, a mingling of relief with hopeful anticipation, not to be confused with actually watching the dvd.
Mailbox click, Let's hope-ah, the netfix is on board -!
by K. Turner April 29, 2007
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The act of Borrowing a Netflix account because you are too cheap to Pay for it your self and you end up giving the account to everyone you know so they can enjoy free show and movies while only one person pays.
Friend:" Hey Mike can I borrow your Netflix Account to watch some movies"
Mike"Sure bro just Don't Give the password to anyone else"
Fiend"Trust me I'm not a Netfixer I'm only gonna watch like two movies on it"
Mike"Alright sure thing man here is the Email and the password"
Friend"Thanks Bro I wont give the Password to anyone"
Mike"Alright sounds good"
Friend"Hey Josh wanna borrow My Netflix account"
Josh"Sure thing bro"

and so on........
by LawnMower6900 April 10, 2013
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The Act of being enthralled by Netflix's huge selection of movies, television shows, comedy specials and/or clever rating system. The tenacity of this enthrallment is so intense that one forgets to answer calls or text messages and may see like a d bag.This is called being fixated by the Netflix website or simply...being Netfixed.
Trent: didn't answer my text.Why you being such a d bag?
Mike: well my good sir, I(stress the I as though trent could never in his life been doing something as important as what mike was doing) was Netfixed.
Trent:well...we've all been there
**Both men high five and stay floating in mid air as 80's hit,"dont you (forget about me" by john Hughes, plays in the background**

"yeah so if you call me in the next twenty minutes i wont pick up cause im gonna be Netfixed"

"MAN: oh...i just came
Girl: ...shit, what happened?
MAN: i was Netfixed and didn't realize i had to pull out
girl: there a movie that tells you how to deal with this?
MAN: of course there is...ITS NETFLIX!"
by Benjaminraphi September 27, 2007
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We really need to tell John about himself, all he does is watch netflix, let's netfix his ass !!
by wurdgrail July 20, 2023
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