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to return one's own scratched, cracked, or otherwise non-functional DVD in return for Netflix's fully-functional disc, avoiding the need to purchase a new copy.
My Arrested Development Season One Disc 1 won't play because it's scratched - I have to put it in my queue and netfix it.
by Amy77777 February 24, 2009
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a; In the Netflix cycle, a. that moment of intense relief when one realizes a dvd has arrived; b; from the moment of seeing the dvd in the mailbox to the actual viewing of the dvd, a mingling of relief with hopeful anticipation, not to be confused with actually watching the dvd.
Mailbox click, Let's hope-ah, the netfix is on board -!
by K. Turner April 29, 2007
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When you’ve been binging on a TV series/ season, and on reaching its end you desperately need to quell the craving and find something else to fill your sad empty void.
I’ve just finished binging on Breaking Bad... i need another Net-Fix !!!
by Little moose August 16, 2020
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