Somebody: usually: only socialise with each other, have no fondness for exercise, are bullied at school (however these do not apply to all NERDS) always: clever, end up being the bullies boss, study hard, play hard (a recognised scientific fact: people who classify themselves as NERDS have out of all classes the most active sex life)
Person 1: He is such a NERD.

P2: Yes, but he had the highest grades in the year.

P3: Also, I see all the girls at his house all the time.

P1: But he is slightly overweight.
by Work hard, Play hard January 03, 2012
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The people you make fun of in high school that you end up working for.
Billy: Look at that nerd! Wanna go make fun of him?
Bob: No thanks, he'll remember me and I'll end up working for him someday.
by skinnybananachick5 February 28, 2011
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You fucking idiots! Nerds aren't the people you see on the honor roll lists every 9 weeks, and they aren't the people you see marching in the band either, they're the people you see fucking playing Pokemon cards at lunch while talking about low-key social topics like console wars, anime, and politics. Nerds are not fucking smart! When they are at home, they aren't studying at all! They're usually on their computers constantly downloading anime and/or jacking off to hentai pictures that I could probably draw. Some nerds watch so much anime that they wish they were japanese, that is called a wapanese. Nerds are also on message boards constantly bitching about the console wars. They are usually on shithole sites like GameFAQS and Gamespot using "pwned" instead of the real word "owned". They are usually extremely skinny or extremely fat but are defently ugly. These turds also never take showers, so they smell like shit. It is always said that nerds are the bosses of everyone later in life, thats bullshit. Nerds usually either live in their mom's basement for the rest of their lives, or they end up working at Wal Mart for the rest of their lives and spend their money on more anime DVDs and video games, and then go home and STILL bitch about console wars on their computers. At school, some people will feel bad for nerds, but they don't deserve pity, they choose to be this way. Nerds will also hate on rednecks calling them uneducated, but nerds are too stupid to realize that even the redneck kids get better grades than the nerds, and outside school rednecks are actually hard workers who raise animals, own huge fields of fruits and veggies, and fish, and hunt. Thats much better than what the loser nerds do at home. Geeks and dorks are no different from nerds, in fact, they are synonyms. I could go on all day but I'll stop here, and the only people that will vote this down are nerds themselves. Fuck nerds!
Person 1: George W Bush is a crappy president.

Person 2: At least he isn't a nerd or a wapanese!

Person 1: Thats true.
by Clinker February 23, 2008
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The only type of man a smart woman would like.

You're welcome.
"If you don't like the alpha men, what kind of guy do you like?"
"See the guy in the glasses with the book?"
"That would be my type."
"That's a nerd."
by IDidItFortheLulz July 05, 2013
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nerds are NOT people who have a singular obsession with something such as cars, films, anime, or computers. these people go under the category of geek.

nerds are individuals, who generally avoid conforming to society (well high school's) standards.

unlike geeks, nerds must be intelligent, especially in math and sciences.

nerds often have some difficulty socializing, sometimes due to rich inner lives. however, it is not uncommon for them to have friends.

nerds may be persecuted, or may be allowed to live in peace with the rest of the high school community.
john: omg, paul's such a nerd.
jack: yeah, but he's funny and he helps me with my math hw. he's pretty cool.
by starcat13 December 04, 2005
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1.someone with a high intelligence.
2. a non-conformist e.g. someone who likes wat they do and could care less wat others say
3.Someone passionately interested in a hobby or subject usually not sports.
4. Bad term: Someone who excludes others for not being a radical nonconformist.aka geek or video gamer
5.someone who "normal" people wish they could be but are envious so they insult them.
1. That nerd got such a good score on his test.
2. That nerd cool 'cause he dont care he just does his own thing.
3. yea that nerd devotes ALL his time to drawing anime.
4. Stupid frikin nerd! Says im a total conformist!
5. Man i wish i had the balls to be as much of an individual as that nerd.
by Fishbap and cheese November 13, 2004
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a person of high intelligence or drive at a certain hobby. Stereotypes portray them as:

-wearing glasses
-bad sense of fashion
-allergic to almost everything
-computer loving

The inconvienent truth for jocks about these Stereotypes is that only 10% of the geek and/or nerd population even has many of the traits listed above
Girl 1:"Omg marcus was reading a Harry Potter Book hes such a nerd."

Girl 2: "I like harry potter."
by Vestiges September 02, 2008
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