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A Geek is a very knowledgeable person who sometimes act in a manner which can be considered odd or abnormal. They also know that they are slightly odd or abnormal and fully accept this. Because they accept this they don’t try and be normal like nerds do and ultimately “fit in” better than nerds and so are seen to have better social skills.

Geeks are superior to all other people because the have the knowledge and social ability to get to where they want to be.
"I got Mike to help me set up my computer, he's such a geek"
by Little-John September 16, 2006

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Somthing called by retards when their intelectual superiors walk past. Usually because they are either jealous or intimadated by the "nerds" inteligence.
"nerd alert !"
by Little-John September 17, 2006

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A Nerd is a very knowledgeable person who has very little or no social ability due to there failure to recognise that they are not “normal”! But whoever wanted to be normal? Geeks on the other hand gain social skills through there ability to realise that they are in fact not just like everyone else!
Person1 "OMG did you just hear what that Nerd just said?"
Person2 "Fucking Retard why the hell would anyone say somthing so stupid?"
by Little-John September 16, 2006

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