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A santa looking jolly soulwho instructs kids and used to smoke.
"Hi Mr. Nenni "

"Y can't I eat in here Mr. Nenni"
by Omar54789 May 21, 2018
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a stupid Cyber Slut who is faking her pregNancy trying to act all cool in a wwe chat she's Really obessed with banning people she truly has No Life And Reallly Needs one she is such A dumb Whore with her slutty ways of staying in wwe to cyber to be a dumbass psycho Bitch. a bitch who complains to much and is the worst op Ever and i'm a better one then she is.
Nenni Get A goddam Life Already Gezz wwe isn't you're life i'm a better op then you you're the worst op ever
by Ratt April 17, 2005
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A whore in a wwe chatroom thinks she's miss perfect when she's not and thinks she knows everything and do stupid banning to people. also she spends her time in the wwe chatroom never leaving no life whatssoever.
Everyone thinks Nenni has no life and is a cuntRag.
by jiM March 13, 2005
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