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Truly the Best rock band Better Then Whitesnake and Ratt. Here i Am rock you like A hurricane Scorpions Should be inducted into the Rock N roll Hall of Fame in the Future. SCORPIONS FOREVER!!!!!!
Scorpions Fucking Rule!
by Ratt April 11, 2005

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A White Truck that comes around summertime around you're neighborhood to sell ice cream to everyone to keep cool.
Hey it's The ice Cream Truck!
by Ratt April 08, 2005

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A Big Red Vehicle that FireFighters Drive and to put out Fires from there Hoses to save peoples lives.
Jack Stole The Fire Truck omg!
by Ratt April 05, 2005

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Dave Batista Real name 317 pounds not a member of evolution anymore Won the heavyweight Belt From TripleH at Wresltemania 21 sunday april,3,2005. The Beast the Animal who has cool moves like spinebuster and powerBomb. and is The New HeavyWeight Champion.
Batista will beat triple h over and over triple h will never seee his belt again hahahaha.
by Ratt April 05, 2005

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Greatest wwe Wreslter of all time Now 13-0 after beating Randy orton at Wresltemania21 on sunday april,3,2005. The Deadman has never lost at Wresltemanina and will never.
Undertaker TombStoned Randy orton and pinned him 1,2,3 Rip Randy orton LOL.
by Ratt April 05, 2005

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a stupid Cyber Slut who is faking her pregNancy trying to act all cool in a wwe chat she's Really obessed with banning people she truly has No Life And Reallly Needs one she is such A dumb Whore with her slutty ways of staying in wwe to cyber to be a dumbass psycho Bitch. a bitch who complains to much and is the worst op Ever and i'm a better one then she is.
Nenni Get A goddam Life Already Gezz wwe isn't you're life i'm a better op then you you're the worst op ever
by Ratt April 17, 2005

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This is a noun, verb, and an adjetive, it is used in the place of the word fuck, to make people feel bad, also to confuse them
Shut up Mr. Sucky gay me all night long

Your so sucky gay it makes me shit my self
by RaTt March 08, 2005

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