Swedish for "No".
Used when you are fed up of someone, no matter what they are doing to annoy you.
Saying "Nej" (Pronounced "Ney" or "Nay" depending on accents) will automatically make you right in any situation and anyone in the same room at the time of this word being announced will never annoy you for the rest of the day.
This seemingly magical theorum works every time unless the person(s) is a total douchebag(s), in which case they can be silenced by a simple broken neck.
Annoying Guy: "I love milk though. Chickens should produce milk. Can you imagine that? :D"

Annoyed Person #1: "Shut the hell up already!"

Annoying Guy: "FREEDOM OF SPEECH!"

Annoyed Person #2: "Nej."

Annoying Guy has either had a sudden heart attack, or "Nej." has once again saved someone from a minor annoyance.
by iDev July 14, 2010
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A blobbly like substance that will evolve and become a living organism, but only once every 56 years when a Frenchman approximately 29 years of age will make love to a fat flap while under a curse.
It will differ in gender but most known "Nej's" found appear to be female but know one has ventured deep enough to determine if it truly is a female or a cross-breed.
Has a known appetite for literally anything edible or inedible and will store food it its creases to hold out for the long winter ahead
Oh my god! look....its a nej!

stop storing food like a nej
by R.E.K.T2015 April 22, 2011
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Not Even Joking.
Used, mainly on social network sites, messenger programs and through text messages, when someone is very serious about what they are saying.
It is usually said in a situation, when one person is trying to assure another that they are, in fact, serious, not being sarcastic.
boy: i don't think she even likes me
girl: she said she does. nej
by bearcakes91 May 10, 2009
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a dumbass school, with lots of fake ass ppl in it. nobody ever wants to be their and when you go there you either see nun but ppl in sweatpants or couples making out or kids vaping. there’s a lot of “🤡’s” there to.
i want to die when i’m at northeast jones (NEJ) , people there are fake.
by -b. j. b. October 18, 2019
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NNN (No Nut November) but the swedish version (which includes an aversion to nut based products as well as the traditional NNN rules).

(don’t fact check this)
-”Jöns nu ere Nej Nöt November”

-”Fan Olof, ja kapitulerar :(”
by SvenskaNötGrabben November 1, 2023
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Abbreviation used in text and conversation for ‘Not Even Joking’.
Originally heard in Townsville, QLD
Did you hear how bad she was, she threw up after just one drink NEJ
by TheDharkMark August 13, 2022
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