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The art of drinking goon(white wine) straight from the sack/cask, instead of behaving like a civilised human and drinking it from a cup.
"She was so drunk, she started skulling straight from the sack!"
by bearcakes91 April 25, 2009
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Not Even Joking.
Used, mainly on social network sites, messenger programs and through text messages, when someone is very serious about what they are saying.
It is usually said in a situation, when one person is trying to assure another that they are, in fact, serious, not being sarcastic.
boy: i don't think she even likes me
girl: she said she does. nej
by bearcakes91 May 10, 2009
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Acronym for 'fuck me dead', often used when abbreviating in text messages, online messenger systems or social networking services such as Facebook, Myspace and so on.
example 1:
girl #1 "fmd, that boy is hot!"
girl #2 "yeah, i'd let him fmd!"

example 2:
boy "this really hot chick invited me to a party tonight, but i have to work. fmd."
by bearcakes91 April 24, 2009
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The name given to wine, generally white, when removed from the cask. The sack is made of a strong foil, so it can be passed around without getting damaged.
It is a popular alcohol choice for Australian teenagers, as it costs no more than $15 for 4 litres, which is a very affordable way to get fucked up.
When one is intoxicated, they often drink the juice straight from the sack, although it is also commonly mixed with other liquids such as orange juice or soft drink, to make the taste more tolerable.

girl "Hey, pass the goon sack."
boy "Ok, do you want a cup, too?"
girl "Are you serious? I have it straight from the sack."
by bearcakes91 April 25, 2009
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1. A less harsh word for fuckwit, dick, idiot, and all other offensive terms refering to someone who is being silly.
It is also a less serious term, therefore sounding less offensive, and because of the ridiculous sound of the word, it can be taken more lightly.

2. Can be used to refer to the male's genital
E.g. 1
Boy "Did you know I can skull a whole sack of goon in five minutes?"
Girl "That's not even cool, you nonger!"

E.g. 2
Girl "Did you see how big his nonger was?"
by bearcakes91 May 14, 2009
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The state in which one gets to when they are so drunk that they lose control of themselves. It often results in behaving in ways one wouldn't when sober, including slurring words, saying and doing regretful things, that they will probably not remember doing, anyway.
example 1:
girl #1 "Do you want to go to Sam's tonight?"
girl #2 "Is everyone getting ronky donk donk?"
girl #1 "There'll be, like, ten sacks of goon, so I'm guessing so.

example 2:
boy "I can't believe we kissed last night!"
girl "We kissed?"
boy "I didn't think you'd remember. You were pretty ronky donk donk!"

by bearcakes91 April 25, 2009
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