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"King," "Ruler" or "Emperor" in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. An antynym of the word "nigger" according to its historical American usage.
"Negusa Negast," also "Nigusa Negast," a title used to address Ethipopian Emperors, means "King of Kings"
by Son Reaux July 19, 2006
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A king, used as a title of the soverign of Ethiopia.

The word a sixth grader had to spell in the National Spelling Bee which sounds suspiciously like niggas. The judge repeated the word way too many times, and many niggers were butthurt as a result. The clip showing the word being spelled became a hit on Youtube.
"The negus ruled Ethiopia until the coup of 1974."

"What's up, mah negus?"
by K3inMitl3id February 01, 2010
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A hot drink of port, sugar, lemon, and spices.
Variation of the word nigga
A guy walks into a bar: yo can I buy some negus?

Employee: sorry sir, we've stopped selling them in the 18th century...
by Daddyβ„’ December 26, 2018
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Never Ever Give Up, a slogan used by Jessica Joy Rees, a 12 year old with two brain tumors, to encourage other children with cancer to never give up. She created "Joy Jars" to send to kids with cancer to keep their spirits up while fighting.
"Merry Christmas to our Australia and New Zealand TeamNEGU members! Please say a prayer for the 50,000 kids having Christmas in hospitals this year. xoxo, Jessie"
by iNEGUforJessie January 11, 2012
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A large lumbering, snowman-like creature with no real skill-building potential. Has no ability to consume alcoholic substances. Usually found around gay bars and hockey teams' substitute benches.
Christoher Negus - you are such a negus
by Phil February 03, 2005
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