small creature that lives in the woods, feeds mainly on toads but occasinally eats the odd cow or two
omg that negus jus riped a cows head off!
by haha September 16, 2004
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Negus, a complimentary way of getting your friends attention or add to/replace someones name when addressing them or, if you do not like this person you can call them a/ use with another mean word(s) when telling the they suck. synonyms fagot,pussy, loser, shartface, and vagina
jack you gay fucking negus, your a stupid fucking hater with no friends." or "joe you sexy negus, get over here.
by drtymOnroelaxr May 20, 2011
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It is actually an ethiopian royalty. But also an insult. A negus is an annoyance or someone who you are tired of
Go away negus
Fuck off stupid negus
by CreamCracker February 08, 2017
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(adj.) /“N-E-G-U-S.”/: A word used to describe an annoying/ dumbass black person(African, African American, Jamaican, Psyman, etc.)
Ex. (1.) Tyrone walks into a strip club and smacks a white bitch in da booty and went right into asking, how much for anal, without even asking how the bitch's day was. Negus...

Ex. (2.) Psyman is talking too damn much and won't shut the fuck up!
via giphy
by TGregg January 31, 2016
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Negus is both a single and plural for n-word, born in the wild depths of general chat in Heroes of the Storm (a Blizzard MOBA). Since actual n-word or any of its derivatives would be automatically censored, 'negus' was the ingenious creation of gchat users to facilitate communications between themselves. Used instead of n-word most of the time, but can be as well just spammed to confuse other users, pretending it means something completely different. Currently 'negus' holds spam competition with Raynor jokes (another HotS meme). May be used in other online game chats.
Jesus was a grand negus, my negus.

If u put some respek on my negus, my negus will do the same to u.
Me negus don't always play tank to solo wipe a lane. But when I do, I play murky.
by yoloswag69(negus) January 18, 2017
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Friend: Hey did you see that black guy? He was rude.
Me: Yeah what a negus.
by KingGecko February 05, 2014
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