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Neema is another way of spelling the name Nima. Neemas usually have a lot of friends but there is one particular friend that he likes the most. Neemas are smart, cool, funny, hot, and they are awesome Super Best Friends. Neemas tend to have a fetish for finding earlobes mouthwatering, and they can be very dangerous. If you spot a Neema, remember to admire him at a distance because he does not like whores. Unless he has been trained otherwise.
Dude! Neema just called me a whore but its ok because he was awesome!!!
by mlhhh July 23, 2010
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Neema's are pretty nice, funny, beautiful and goofy girls. They try their best to keep you happy and hates seeing you mad. They like to tease you a lot though. These type of girls are very sarcastic, buy in a good way. Just don't get on their bad side. They're sensitive.
Neema is so sweet to her friends. I wish I could have a friend like her.
by June 16, 2018
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The absolute man who is smart and isnt a try hard. lazy gets picked on but still manages to get through the day. In the things he tries hes good. Computer smart and will hack u every day of ur life. gets girls hilarious beat u up trashtalker and jokester
wow he is a total neema he hacked me yesterday
by bob12345678998765434789 April 15, 2011
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She sexy smart and very creative carrying an aura of confidence and beauty along with her. Angry, she will erupt like a volcano and act like a ticking bomb but if happy she's full of energy and contagious laughs. She's better off a friend than am enemy because her anger can make mountains move. Although stubborn and tough on the outside,on the inside she's fragile and soft and that's why people are drawn to her.
Yooo neema looks so hot in that dress! Check out her booty

Damn she's so emotional bro

Stay away from her for sometime she might take her anger out on you.

Damn look at her boobs
by T_ressa December 30, 2017
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Being lazy all day - except if there's some kind of event, then a Neema is full of energy. Sometimes too much.
"Look at that guy sleeping. - Looks like someone who never could party like us!"
"Yeah he could - he's a total Neema"
by grindyomind October 20, 2009
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